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Wolverine - Snikt!

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Info About Wolverine: Snikt!:

Wolverine: Snikt! is a five-issue comic book limited series written and drawn by manga artist Tsutomu Nihei, published by Marvel Comics and starring Wolverine.
The title refers to the sound effect of Wolverine's claws being extended — a metallic noise always written as "snikt".

Plot synopsis

A normal day in New York City. Wolverine is on a walk through Central Park when a girl named Fusa tells him that her people are being massacred. Without further ado, she transports Wolverine to the year 2058, where human beings have all but been rendered extinct by new creatures called Mandates. Fusa asks Wolverine to fight against the Mandates, who are creating programs to process metals, all except adamantium, the metal that coats Wolverine's bones and claws. Wolverine accepts and goes on a mission to the Mandate colony, where the Progenitor (the first and the only Mandate capable of replication) is located. During the mission, Wolverine's team is killed, leaving only Wolverine and The Colonel (an adamantium cyborg). The Colonel makes it easier for Wolverine to reach The Progenitor's weakness: its Orb Core. Once there, Wolverine destroys the Orb Core, causing all the other mandates to be destroyed. In the end, Fusa asks Wolverine to stay in the future, but Wolverine tells her that he belongs to another place and hopes not to see them again (speaking in a positive manner). Fusa then transports Wolverine to the past, where he quotes Jim Morrison: "The future is uncertain and the end is always near".

Collected editions

The series was collected in the trade paperback as Wolverine Legends Volume 5.

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Tsutomu Nihei Art

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